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Shenzhen Shenboxing Technology Co。, Ltd。 was established in the year 2005。 With more than one ink production, testing equipment, is a professional ink manufacturers。




My company produces mirror ink strong adhesion, can be ultrasound, the mirror effect is good. The ink can be boiled in boiling water for 30 minutes can not fall off the oil, 100 can not afford to leave, artificial sweat 240 hours. High temperature and humidity 240 hours, can be resistant to heat shock acid and alkali resistant salt fog 240 hours.




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7 * 24 after-sales service team to provide you with excellent solutions The company's high-quality after-sales service is the cornerstone of the continuous development of enterprises Division I provide products pre-sale, sale, sale and one-stop service.




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Shenzhen Shenboxing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Mainly has more than one ink production, testing laboratory equipment professional ink manufacturers. Companies in "good faith" and "forward" business principles...




  • How does laser powder make ink?

    Silver with the effect of laser seven color, can add red, yellow, blue, green and other transparent ink into color laser ink。 。

  • What is the effect of the filler in the ink?

    The filler is a white powder that can be evenly distributed in the connecting material. The amount of the filler in the ink is adjusted according to the amount of ink pigment and the requirements of the ink property.
    The effect of the ink in the following points: 1, reduce the cost of ink 2, ink to adjust the ink 3, adjust the color of ink concentration

  • An auxiliary agent in ink

    1, mainly refers to the promotion of desiccant drying oil type binders polymerization drying material. Most of them are salts or soaps of metal cobalt and manganese.
    2, the auxiliary agent can effectively reduce the viscosity and basically do not change the body of the ink. Commonly used with wax and grease (colloidal oil) class. The wax removal agent also has the effect of removing the adhesion and making the ink wear and smooth, and the glial oil has the effect of removing stickiness and keeping consistency and body bone.
    3. Thickener is used to increase the viscosity of ink and link, to improve the thixotropy of ink, to prevent the deposition of pigment, and to improve the gloss and reproducibility of the dots and dots.
    4. The anti rubbing agent is used to prevent the printing from rubbing the dirty. Generally, the starch is dispersed in the ink - toning oil and then added into the ink.

  • What are the inks of the screen printing ink?

    Screen printing ink is a kind of printing ink. There are many varieties, and the classification method is also varied. But the main classification methods are the following.
    According to the characteristics of ink, it can be divided into fluorescent ink, bright ink, fast fixing ink, magnetic ink, conductive ink, fragrance ink, UV drying ink, sublimation ink, transfer printing ink and so on.
    According to the status of the classification of ink, colloid ink, such as water-based ink, oily ink, resin ink, starch paste and so on. Solid ink, such as electrostatic screen printing with ink powder.

  • The types and characteristics of common fillers?

    he types and characteristics of common fillers:
    1. Aluminum hydroxide used in aluminum hydroxide ink is obtained by precipitation method. It is a common filler in oil type ink. Inking oil and its proper viscosity (dry flax oil polymerized at a certain temperature) made of rcheulishvili oil used in printing. The amount of aluminum hydroxide in the ink can not be too much, otherwise the drying of the ink will be inhibited and the gloss of the ink will be weakened.
    2. Barium sulfate used in barium sulphate ink is also made of precipitation method. Its ratio is significant, its transparency is poor, and its oil absorption is much. If it is used alone in ink, it will weaken the fluidity of the ink, and the dosage can not be very high. Otherwise, the phenomenon of ink stacking will appear in printing. It can be used to improve the fluidity of ink with small specific gravity, fine particles and less high required ink after grinding.
    3. The filler of aluminum barium white is the precipitate of barium sulfate and aluminum hydroxide. The lustrous, made of ink paste printing performance is good, but if used improperly, will make the ink gel or thicker. When selected, it can be lapping with the ink blending oil to achieve good fluidity and luster.
    4. Calcium carbonate used in calcium carbonate ink is precipitated by calcium hydroxide and sodium carbonate. The calcium carbonate obtained by this method has good transparency and gloss. And Calcium Carbonate Granules can be very small (0.02-0.1 mu m) and can reach the range of colloid particles, so sometimes it is called glial calcium carbonate. Colloidal calcium carbonate is allocated in a certain proportion in the ink. It can improve the fluidity, gloss and transparency of the ink, and generally does not produce bad printing trouble. In offset inks, especially resin type offset inks, colloid calcium carbonate is often selected as filler to replace other types of filler.

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